Born in the Octagon Unleashed on the World

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Berry Punch

Naturallly Flavored PLUS Vitamins & Minerals

3-In-1 Performance Formua

l Activate 11 Vitamins d Hydrate 5 Electrolytes h Recover 68 Minerals
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About Tapout Beverages

It's your body and you push it everyday.

Another rep. Another mile. Another game. Now there's a performance drink that works as hard as you do.

TapouT Performance. Born in the octagon and unleashed on the world.

Because when it's time to bring it you want to bring your best.

TapouT is unlike other sports drinks that are mainly a blend of water, sugar and salt.

Each bottle of TapouT Performance and TapouT Hybrid have been carefully crafted to replace exactly what your body loses during the physical exertion of exercise or sports. Tapout is a perfectly balanced proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes that promote high absorption and fast recovery.

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Fuel your fight. Drink Tapout. #GetSome

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